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Ecommerce and Websites

The idea of writing something that potentially everyone could read was fascinating. This is why I developed my first website at 13. I learn HTML and CSS as a self-taught. It was just a few static pages. But after three years of creating websites and web applications in JavaScript and some of its libraries, I can say that I have the right skills to create more complex and functional sites. For e-commerce platforms, I use the WordPress CMS to offer a low-cost, professional, and highly customizable solution to my customers. I graduated with a thesis on Trust and e-commerce, specializing in this area. In my projects, I always apply the concepts of Trust to the platform's design, and I put much effort into realizing two essential ideas for usability: simplicity and professionalism.


User experience design is my greatest passion, and it is also the topic of my thesis research, "How to implement trust in e-commerce design," in which I specialize. I firmly believe that the success of a new product or service largely derives from a correct analysis of User-centered design. In my past projects, I have conducted Contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation, and Usability Testing. I learned to extract functional and non-functional requirements, define User Personas, create Prototypes, set KPIs to monitor usability, and conduct A-B testing. My model of approach to User experience Design comes through an Incremental functioning Prototype. This allows me to show users an already working product, evaluate the design impacts, and improve it.

Project Manager

I’ve always thought it’s important to consider a project with a 360-degree perspective. Unfortunately, it happens, with a purely IT perspective, to think only of the code and the program. Instead, thanks to my master, I had the opportunity to learn how to evaluate additional factors such as marketing strategies, opportunity cost, budget, maintenance costs, timing, and more importantly, interaction with other people. Clear and efficient communication is essential, without getting lost in unnecessary technicalities with big words that can give rise to misunderstandings, especially with people not in the IT field.


I firmly believe that a company's success depends on the power of its brand and the correct identification of its User Personas. For this reason, I consider the branding process an essential step to create a professional image of your company and find your target audience. Branding means transferring emotions and values, which will then have a substantial impact on customer loyalty. In an era in which consumers have millions of purchase options, they are looking for something more. Branding is the value that customers are looking for.

Data analysis

During my academic career, I was able to learn and specialize in the quantitative study of data. Data today is the company's core business as it clearly shows the results of business decisions, revealing problems. Data is everywhere: in every process and interaction. As a great fan of data analysis, I love the concept of interpreting numbers, monitoring, and setting KPIs to improve performance. In this regard, I use programming languages such as Python and R studio. I also know Excel very well, and in the past, I have worked on projects to auto-generate excel reports using bots created in Python.

Requirements analysis

In systems engineering and software engineering, requirements analysis focuses on the tasks that determine the needs or conditions to meet the new product or project, considering the various stakeholders' possibly conflicting requirements, analyzing, documenting, validating, and managing software or system requirements. A reasonable Requirements analysis helps you have a clear idea of ​​the new project's costs and feasibility. I worked as a platform analyst for a Startup Incubator. Here I aimed to analyze Software's projects, validate them, and proceed with the execution in a lean way.


A hybrid between rationality and creativity. Results-oriented through quantitative data analysis and continuous improvement.

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I was born in Lecce, but I'm half Swiss and half Italian. After attending a scientific high school, I decided to study economics and quantitative methods in Lugano. Before starting my Bachelor, I had a 2-year experience as a Sergeant in the Swiss-Army. I won a scholarship from the canton of Zurich based on my academic achievements and I graduated with honors in less than 3 years. After my degree I joined the Master in Management & Informatics and I graduated with a thesis in User Experience Design entitled "How to implemente trust in fresh food Market".

I consider myself a dynamic, creative, and results-oriented guy. Every project I approach is treated with a critical eye, observing results through a data-driven methodology and direct observation.

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